Miss Daisy Stamps Terms of Use

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Terms of use for digital images offered through Miss Daisy Stamps©:

Thank you for your purchase! We hope you will enjoy these digital image stamps. Outlined below are the terms of use for all Miss Daisy Stamps© digital images.

For questions or concerns, please contact: missdaisystamps@gmail.com

You May:
1. Use all Miss Daisy Stamps© images for personal use. All creations must be hand-crafted.
2. Use images to create hand-crafted items for resale. All items must be hand-crafted. No photocopying or mechanical reproduction of images is allowed.
3. Alter images to fit your needs. For example: resizing for printing or adding colour to images.
4. Give credit to Miss Daisy Stamps© whenever possible. Your efforts are appreciated, but not required.

You May NOT:
1. Claim any Miss Daisy Stamps© images or graphics as your own.
2. Sell or distribute our images. This also includes emailing/transferring to a third party.
3. Use our images in kits or to make rubber/clear stamps without prior written consent.

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